Safe, Comfortable & Efficient

Take your visitors temperature quickly, efficiently, and without interrupting the flow of your business.

Ai-TIC Individual Scanner

Our Ai-TIC device uses facial recognition and thermographic technology for measuring the temperature of the individual customer in a fraction of a second as well as allowing access to buildings via automated gates and doors.

The Ai-TIC also operates completely hands-free and keeps a running record of all entries.

The 'New Normal'

Social Distancing is here to stay and the new normal is the ability for any business, school or organisation to take the temperature of employees and guests prior to entry and the ability to refuse entry to those showing symptoms of a fever.

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Make temperature screening as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Ai-TIC X Multi-Person Scanner

Introducing Ai-TIC , our new, state-of-the-art technology that enables the temperatures of up to 45 people to be measured simultaneously - accurately pinpointing any individuals with dangerous temperatures to 0.3ºC.

Leading Technology

Ai-TIC X's facial recognition and temperature measurement software is world-class, allowing you to monitor the temperatures every guest in high foot-traffic areas with an unprecedented level of efficiency and accuracy.

Benefits of a Tempsafe System

Allows you to reopen your business quickly and efficiently

Ability to provide a safe, comfortable environment for guests and staff

Avoid invasive, close-contact temperature testing queues


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Tempsafe supplies the latest in AI powered thermographic imaging technology with options to suit all business types.

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This technology is not designed or intended to diagnose medical conditions, it is an early warning indicator which will help to identify people with general symptoms, so that they can be further assessed by medical experts, potentially preventing the spread of some conditions to others.

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